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USWS Announces Deployment of Second Clean Fleet®

Houston, TX (September 2015) – U.S. Well Services, LLC announced deployment of its second patented Clean Fleet® (US Patent No. 8,789,601) which will begin work for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: APC) in Colorado’s Wattenberg field later this month before commencing its contract term with Antero Resources in West Virginia’s Marcellus Shale.

The U.S. Well Services Clean Fleet®, initially implemented by Antero in July 2014, has demonstrated dramatic environmental gains as well as significant cost savings for oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. Clean Fleet® is proven to successfully decrease emissions by 99%, dramatically decrease sound pollution, in addition to operational cost savings. The results experienced to date both validate and exceed performance and environmental expectations.

U.S. Well Services CEO, Brian Stewart shared, “Anadarko’s work in the Wattenberg field and greater DJ Basin represents a significant opportunity for U.S. Well Services. Not only is it work for a new client but also in a new basin, further expanding the USWS brand as we seek to provide fracturing solutions that surpass existing regulatory requirements. The performance of this patented technology has exceeded expectations, especially as it relates to fuel savings, emissions, vibration and noise reductions as well as increased reliability. We are also encouraged that this technology is being embraced by so many leading operators around the country. Testing of this technology by Anadarko for its Wattenberg field operations further validates the commitment of many operators to conduct operations in a more environmentally compatible manner.”

Stewart continued, “U.S. Well Services appreciates the collaboration we have experienced with Antero as we worked together to enhance and further deploy this game-changing technology. We are especially thankful for Antero’s willingness to delay delivery of its second Clean Fleet®, allowing Anadarko to pilot this technology first hand.”


Clean Fleet® is a proprietary, patented system developed by U.S. Well Services that incorporates existing industry equipment configured to provide fracturing services with enhanced safety features, smaller physical and environmental footprints, and reduced noise levels at a lower cost relative to traditional fracturing equipment. The Clean Fleet® is the industry’s first fully mobile, fully electric hydraulic fracturing system that is powered entirely by natural gas whereby conventional diesel engines are totally replaced with electric motors.