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USWS Wins Innovation Award

Houston, TX (2016) — U.S. Well Services was recently presented KCF Technologies’ SmartDiagnostics® 2015 Innovator of the Year Award after achieving extraordinary improvements in maintenance and uptime. USWS was selected for this award from a field of more than one hundred companies in over a dozen industries across North America.

USWS leads the way among completion companies adopting wireless vibration monitoring predictive maintenance technology. After only seven months of use, US Well Services has successfully deployed wireless vibration monitoring across all of its fleets and set new performance records for its industry.

The result? Within six months, USWS has significantly increased pumping time and safe stages completed per day while reducing non-productive time to a record-setting nineteen minutes per day.

In a troubling market with low oil and gas prices, many competitors are cannibalizing their fleets and cutting back on repair and maintenance programs which results in unreliable equipment. However, USWS has implemented a continuous improvement process and is poised to deliver E&P customers the safest, fastest technology-enabled well completions the industry has seen.

“The best technologies mean nothing to our business if our front line operators don’t enthusiastically embrace them. When we introduced SmartDiagnostics® to our fleets, we coupled it with training and executive support that made this simple, exciting, and important for everyone to use. Our solution to thriving in a down market? Double down on innovation at a time when many in our industry are cutting back.”

Jared Oehring
VP of Technology, U.S. Well Services


“This might sound crazy coming from the company that makes the wireless sensors, but it’s not about the sensor!”

Any company can slap a bunch of sensors on its equipment. The real ROI happens when companies like U.S. Well Services make equal investments in training and culture.”

Dr. Jeremy Frank
President, KCF Technologies



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