From our rapid growth as a small regional company to a technology leader in our industry, U.S. Well Services has developed a unique and attractive culture resulting in a desirable work environment. In fact, many employees have come from larger companies as they prefer to work for a company where they can see the impact of their efforts and make a real difference.


It all starts with safety. With strong backing from our CEO and our entire leadership team, the employees of U.S. Well Services understand that all incidents are preventable and that priority one is having all employees go home healthy every day. Furthermore, every employee has been trained to take personal responsibility for their individual safety as well as the safety of their entire crew.


Starting in West Virginia and expanding into Pennsylvania and Ohio we have developed a strong “family feel" to our Company. Having a diverse mix of employees with a wide variety of experiences from both large and small service companies has significantly strengthened our knowledge and skill base.


Hiring experienced oilfield workers and using them to work side-by-side and train "green hats" has created strong bonds between our crews. Progression "up the ranks" with a strong foundation of training provides new employees with a clear understanding of what they need to do to advance. Our competitive pay and a strong benefits plan allow USWS employees to focus on safely performing their work.

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