Environmental Commitment Statement

US Well Services, LLC (“USWS”) fully recognizes and embraces the role we have in protecting the environment in the communities where we live and work. By way of reaffirming our corporate ownership of environmental stewardship, we have incorporated the following three ideals into our operational mindset:


  1. USWS will have a positive societal impact regarding the air, land, and water in the communities where we live and work.
  2. USWS will tirelessly research, explore, and develop products and processes that minimize the environmental footprint of our operations.
  3. USWS is committed to LEAN operational programs in order to minimize or eliminate the creation of waste materials.


To help us achieve these ideals, USWS will commit time and resources to researching the best practices and will perform ongoing audits of our processes to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of our commitments.



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