Health, Safety and Environment



U.S. Well Services believes that all incidents are preventable and that priority one is having all employees go home healthy every day.


To accomplish this mission, we actively encourage every employee to take personal responsibility for their individual safety as well as the safety of their entire crew. We have also created "10 Pillars of Safety" to help our clients and employees stay safe at all times.




  •            I will always be fit for duty
  •            I will always wear my PPE
  •            I will always wear my seat belt
  •            I will always obey the cell phone policy
  •            I will always use spotters when moving any vehicle or equipment
  •            I will always take personal responsibility for the safety of other employees
  •            I will always protect the environment and communities where we work
  •            I will never disable safety equipment or devices
  •            I will never perform or overlook an unsafe act
  •            I will never perform a task before being fully trained




SWA is the Company’s commitment to our employees of their right to ask questions if anyone feels that they are in an unsafe situation or being asked to perform an unsafe task. Although SWA may require shutting down the job on occasion, in most cases simply answering a question is enough to resolve the matter. In those cases where a shutdown is necessary, USWS has an established "restart protocol". Senior operations and HSE personnel will collaborate to remedy the situation. Once resolved, the matter will be discussed with all affected employees, the unsafe condition will be eliminated, and then work can resume safely.




"At US Well Services, one of our core values is that each and every person should go home safe every day. We try to make this happen by simply looking out for each other. A powerful tool to accomplish this is your Stop Work Authority (“SWA”). Simply put, you have the right to ask questions, to point out an unsafe act or condition, or to state that you are not properly trained to perform a task. Your supervisor will then work with you to rectify the situation. You have my personal guarantee that any employee who validly uses SWA will not face discipline of any kind. If any employee feels that they are receiving any negative response because they used SWA, then contact me immediately."


Richard P. Hoffman

Vice President of HSEQ



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