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    OPTI-FLEX™ is a revolutionary slickwater, linear gel, and crosslink replacement product.


  • All three fluid systems can be achieved with this one chemical

  • Can reduce up to 90% of the chemicals disclosed on FracFocus

  • A desired viscosity can simply be reached by adjusting the application concentration of the product.

  • Viscosity linearly increases with product concentration




OPTI-FLEX™ can economically achieve target viscosities with a single chemistry by adjusting the application rate at the blender. OPTI-FLEX™ works in a wide range of non-produced field waters, has excellent low shear rheology and excellent proppant carrying capacity.




• Designed to achieve viscosities from 4cP -100+cP in a wide range of field waters.

• Cross-linkers are not required.

• No known compatibility issues with anionic or non-ionic frac chemistries.

• Rapid hydration (<1 minute).

• Normally applied at the blender.

• Hydration unit is not required for OPTI-FLEX  hydration.

• Excellent hydration in ice water.

• Excellent proppant carrying and suspension characteristics.

• Regain permeability over 90%.


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6 gpt

3 gpt

2 gpt

25# guar

6 hour setting time

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