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Figure 1: PowerPath™ remote electric hydraulic fracturing job located 2.5 miles away in the distance.

Clean Fleet® PowerPath™ technology provides high voltage 13,800 V electrical power for remote hydraulic fracturing operations several miles away.  It was first deployed in the Permian Basin for a pad located 2.5 miles away from the power generation turbines.


The patent pending PowerPath™ technology allows power generation to be centrally located among multiple hydraulic fracturing pads and to transmit power several miles away via overhead lines to on-site Clean Fleet® pumping equipment.  Utilizing high voltage electricity allows the power to be sent multiple miles without power losses that come from low and medium voltage systems.  The use of switchgear on both sides of the high voltage highline cables provides important safeguards.


PowerPath™ can be utilized to create mobile, long distance micro-grids, to hydraulic pressure pump numerous pads.  In addition, PowerPath™ can be utilized to provide power for oilfield equipment such as drilling rigs and other oilfield equipment.


Figure 2 PowerPath™ with overhead lines entering the Clean Fleet® electric hydraulic fracturing site.

Figure 3 PowerPath™ with overhead lines

Figure 4 PowerPath™ with overhead lines connecting to the Clean Fleet® switchgear and turbines

Figure 5 PowerPath™ with overhead lines and Clean Fleet®  turbines

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