The safety of our employees, customers and the enviroment is US Well Services, LLC (“USWS”) number one priority. We are committed to reducing the hazardous risk associated with the inhalation of respirable silica dust on hydrulic fracturing sites.


USWS has developed SANDSHIELD™ to mitigate silica emission below OSHA PEL standards. SANDSHIELD™ consists of specialized equipment, work processes, and engineering controls to mitigate exposure to silica.




On November 17, 2015, USWS conducted a silica exposure sampling event on a well pad in Ohio. Three employees wore personal sampling monitors, and these monitors were then analyzed by a testing laboratory.


During the assessment, three (3) time-weighted average (“TWA”) samples were collected, one sample each from the breathing zone of three different employees performing different tasks in different areas of the well pad.


Air sampling activities at the site included testing for overall Respirable Silica Dust and for the components: Quartz, Cristobalit, Tridymite (in accordance with NIOSH Method 7500 / 0600.)


The following personal breathing zone air samples were collected within the well pad area and were representative of similar processes and procedures:


  1. Fork Lift Operator – Personal Sample

  2. Equipment Operator – Personal Sample

  3. Chemical Operator – Personal Sample


This sampling event was conducted to determine personal exposure levels associated with the hydraulic fracturing process on an active well pad. Based on the results of this sampling event, SANDSHIELD™ provides excellent protection against exposure to silica.

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