Technology & Innovation

U.S. Well Services takes pride in developing new technologies and providing solutions to challenging problems. As government regulations become increasingly strict in the oil and gas industry, the development of new technologies prove immensely important. In that regard U.S. Well Services developed and deployed the industry’s first fully electric, fully mobile hydraulic fracturing fleet, Clean Fleet®, and was granted a patent for this technology in July, 2014. Clean Fleet® is the first, and only, fleet of its kind and is the industry’s most environmentally responsible fracturing solution. U.S. Well Services won the New Technology Development Award at the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards in March, 2015 for Clean Fleet®.


Other U.S. Well Services innovations:


  • The first to utilize SandBox® in the northeast U.S. as a “last mile” sand logistics solution.
  • Utilizes treating iron vibration diagnostics to mitigate fatigue and premature failures of our equipment.





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