In an effort to improve driver behavior and continue to move toward our goal of 0 incidents, USWS is initiating the USafeDrive project.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology we are assisting our drivers in improving their situational awareness, driving behaviors and improve compliance with both DOT regulations and USWS policies.


The USafeDrive units will be installed in all heavy vehicles as well as crew vans initially and eventually, all light duty vehicles.


There are many advantages to using this technology:


In Cab Coaching


Verbally coaching drivers on speed and driving styles.


Electronic Logging


A requirement of DOT, the driver will no longer need to provide written logs, it will all be electronic.  The driver needs only to log into the system, all duty status changes are done electronically through the driver’s input.


Seat Belt Reminder


Should a driver forget to put the seat belt on, the system will verbally advise the driver.  As seat belt use is one of our 10 pillars, repeated failure to comply, will result in disciplinary action.


Increased Utilization/Security


This system provides real time location information on the vehicles.


Enhanced Accident Investigation


This system will collect and save information from an incident 20 seconds prior to the incident and 10 seconds after the incident, allowing investigations to be more accurate and know for certain speed, location, braking, etc.


Idling Reports = Fuel & Maintenance Savings


This system will notify a driver if a vehicle has been idling for an excessive amount of time.  Driver follows commands to shut vehicle off, if it does not need to be running.


System allows dispatch and supervisors to view hours remaining for all drivers, providing them with the ability to better plan mobilizations and demobilizations.


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